Haz tu corazón un hogar para Cristo

Después de ver a Jesús con su aspecto relampagueante, San Pedro quiso hacerle una choza como hogar. ¿Qué tipo de hogar quiere Jesús? En este tiempo santo de Cuaresma, Padre Dan presenta una meditación de cómo preparar en su corazón, cuarto a cuarto, un hogar digno para tu Señor. Largo: 14:00. (Lee el texto de la homilia aquí) (II Domingo de Cuaresma, Año C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010Feb28.mp3

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Facing temptation like Jesus, the triumphant second Adam

As we begin this season of Lent, we consider Jesus’ temptations in the desert. Why did he say no to what the devil offered? How did he succeed where the first Adam, and so many others since then, have failed? Father Dan examines Christ’s winning approach and what we can learn from it. Length: 16:26. (Read homily text here) (1st Sunday of Lent, Year C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010Feb21.mp3

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The Social Teaching of the Church

Some call it the Church’s best-kept secret! Since 1891, Popes and Councils have applied the Church’s constant moral teaching to the new, ever-changing challenges that face our society and world. Father Dan considers the Church’s affirmation of human dignity that is its foundation, and the five main principles on which it turns. Length: 1:08:10. (RCIA)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010Feb2.mp3

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