La Sagrada Familia y nuestras familias

En este domingo dentro de la Octava de Navidad, miramos a la Sagrada Familia de Jesús, María, y José. ¿Era su familia demasiada linda y frágil, y no semejante a nuestras propias familias complicadas? El Padre Dan examina este cuadro escritural y descubre que la Sagrada Familia es más semejante a la nuestra que pensaríamos. Largo: 13:10. (Lee el texto de la homilia aquí) (Domingo de la Sagrada Familia)


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The Holy Family and ours

On this Sunday during the Christmas Octave, we focus on the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Was their family too pretty and fragile to be like our own complicated families? What about the ideal of family life that our culture holds up? Father Dan examines this single Scriptural window on Jesus’ hidden years and finds that the Holy Family is much more like ours than we might think. Length: 17:05. (Read homily text here) (Holy Family Sunday)


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The Christmas gift that changes everything

As a holiday, Christmas is a big deal in our culture. But what does the Church really celebrate on this great feast day? What does the Incarnation tell us about who Jesus is, and what he does for us? Father Dan explores the great gift Christ offers, and why it changes everything. Length: 16:45. (Read homily text here) (Christmas Day)


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Five days before Christmas, we hear the story of Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth. It’s just a charming little story. Or is it? What is going on beneath the surface? How does it relate to our own attendance at Mass? Father Dan digs in to reveal what no outside observer could have detected. Length: 14:50. (Read homily text here) (4th Sunday of Advent, Year C)


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The way to true joy and peace this Christmas

Every year on Gaudete Sunday, the Church repeats St. Paul’s message: “Rejoice!” What does joy mean today? And what does John the Baptist’s message of repentance have to do with it? Father Dan explains the way that Christ has made for us to receive true joy and peace this Christmas.  Length:  14:26.  (Read homily text here) (3rd Sunday of Advent, Year C)


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The Eucharist as Sacrament

How is the Eucharist like the other six sacraments?  How is it different–the “Sacrament of sacraments,” toward which the others point?  What do we mean when we say that we receive the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion?  What does “transubstantiation” mean, anyway?  Father Dan presents the Church’s teaching on the “Source and Summit of the Christian life.”  Length:  59:58. (RCIA)


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