Cristo el Buen Pastor: No mayor amor que el suyo

La Sagrada Escritura nos promete la bella imagen de una harmonía perfecta de las naciones y las razas en el cielo. ¿Cómo podremos llegar allá? Padre Dan habla de Jesucristo como nuestro Buen Pastor—y cómo él nos guía por medio de los que él llama como sus pastores. Largo: 13:47. (Lee el texto de la homilia aquí) (IV Domingo de Pascua, Año C)


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St. Peter and the risen Christ: meeting his Lord again, for the first time

After Christ’s resurrection, the apostles were back fishing on the Sea of Galilee. But it was different this time—especially for Peter, who had denied him. Fr. Dan explores how the majestic Christ restored Peter in his love and changed his life; and how he can do the same for you. Length: 16:36. (Read homily text here) (3rd Sunday of Easter, Year C)


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St. Thomas and the risen Christ: Faith seeks understanding

“Doubting Thomas,” in asking to see and touch Jesus’ risen body, showed his active mind and his tender heart. Fr. Dan shows how Thomas’ example can encourage us to ask our questions and so come to a deeper understanding of the truth of Christ. Length: 15:05. (Read homily text here) (2nd Sunday of Easter, Year C)


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The Resurrection: a transformation that is the opposite of “the circle of life”

Flowers, green grass, bunnies, “the circle of life”: isn’t that what Easter is all about? Actually, it’s not. Father Dan explores what Christ’s Resurrection was, and what it means for us now and in the future. Length: 17:33. (Read homily text here) (Easter Sunday, Year C)


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Easter Vigil: Christ is risen! And in baptism we rise in him to newness of life

The new fire; the Easter Candle; the Exsultet proclamation; all those Old Testament readings; baptisms, confirmations, and more! Father Dan explores the wonder, the mystery, and the message of the Easter Vigil. Length: 10:11. (Read homily text here) (Easter Vigil, Year C)


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