How great is the Divine Mercy!

What mercy pours forth from the heart of Jesus—the forgiveness and nourishment that we need! And he calls us also to give that mercy to others. Length: 8:09. (Read homily text here) (2nd Sunday of Easter, or of Divine Mercy)


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How can you believe that Christ is risen?

When St. Thomas became sure that Christ had risen, it changed his life forever. Do you believe? Father Dan considers five steps by which you, or someone else, might come to believe that Christ is truly risen. Length: 12:33. (Read homily text here) (2nd Sunday of Easter, Year B)


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The great unexpected overlap of the Resurrection

In the first century, Jewish people debated ideas of a future resurrection. But they never expected it to begin with one man and overlap the present age, or its power to be given to us now, partially. Is your life transformed by Christ’s resurrection? Length: 14:50. (Read homily text here) (Easter Sunday)


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Easter Vigil: The Light of Christ shines in the darkness

Jesus Christ entered the darkness of our sin, in his Incarnation and in his death. And he conquered death and seeks to share his Resurrection life with every person: especially by the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil. Length: 8:35. (Read homily text here) (Easter Vigil, Year B)


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Domingo de Ramos: ¿Es el Amor amado?

Nuestro Señor Jesucristo entró en Jerusalén como rey—pero ¿qué tipo de rey? Por su gran amor, en su Pasión, sufrió mucho por nosotros. ¿Respondes a su Amor con tu propio amor? Largo: 9:56. (Lee el texto de la homilia aquí) (Domingo de Ramos, Año B)


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Palm Sunday: What kind of king is this?

The crowd welcomed Christ to Jerusalem as a king. In his Passion, we see two kinds of kingship: that of the worldly leaders around him, and his. Which is more effective, 2000 years later? Which would St. Peter live out? How about you? Length: 13:51. (Read homily text here) (Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, Year B)

Podcast (note that the audio quality improves significantly starting at 2:25):

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