If you don’t understand the Mass, you will never understand the Trinity

Each year, the Church gives us this Sunday to reflect on the Holy Trinity. Do we understand this central Christian doctrine? Has it changed our lives? Father Dan explores the doctrine—and how, amazingly, we enter into the inner relationship of the Trinity at every Mass. Length: 18:20. (Read homily text here) (Trinity Sunday, Year C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010May30.mp3

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The Ascension: Christ is enthroned to continue his redemptive mission

When Christ ascended into heaven, he wasn’t just leaving: he was being enthroned as king. Father Dan explores how the Ascension was part of our Lord’s redemptive mission, and how it connects to Pentecost, as he continues to lead us to the Father. Length: 13:30. (Read homily text here) (Ascension, Year C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010May16.mp3

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What has Easter done to Mother’s Day?

The Scriptures tell stories of mothers whose motherhood was changed—like the mother of Moses, and Mary the mother of Jesus. Do Easter and baptism change motherhood as well? Father Dan considers the wonder and burden of raising an adopted son or daughter of God. Length: 15:16. (Read homily text here) (6th Sunday of Easter, Year C)

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In the light of the Resurrection, what’s on your “bucket list”?

Many Americans believe heaven is a place where people exist “only spiritually.” What does the Church teach about what happens after we die? Father Dan examines whether we might be deceived about heaven without even realizing it—and what should really be on our “bucket list.” Length: 17:25. (Read homily text here) (5th Sunday of Easter, Year C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010May2.mp3

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