Enviado como mensajeros a las naciones

¿Por qué vives aquí, en este país? Por el profeta Isaías, el Señor reveló su intención de enviar a unos de su Pueblo elegido como mensajeros a las naciones que no le conocieron. Padre Dan explora la posibilidad de que tú estés aquí por esta razón—y la importancia de perseverar en la fidelidad y no dejarte seducir. Largo: 11:25. (Lee el texto de la homilia aquí) (XXI Domingo Ordinario, Año C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010Aug22.mp3

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The Virgin Mary’s Big Assumption

We rejoice that on this day our Lady was assumed—taken up—body and soul into heaven. Father Dan draws some lessons from what the Virgin Mary did and did not assume, and how she would and would not allow herself to be consumed. Length: 14:56. (Read homily text here) (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

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True faith and faithfulness

Some think faith is just optimism, or wish-fulfillment, or believing the impossible. But that is not what we see in the Scriptures. Father Dan explores how faith is a response to God’s faithfulness, and what it leads to in our lives. Length: 17:13. (Read homily text here) (19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C)

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Leaving our children a true inheritance

One day each of us will die and leave our material things as an inheritance. But, since Christ made a way for us through death, some things truly last forever. Father Dan examines what those things are, and how St. Paul advises that we then live. Length: 17:52. (Read homily text here) (18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C)

Podcast: http://gallaugher.net/dangallaugher/FrDG-2010Aug1.mp3

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